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A Spectacular Array of Colors

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park encompasses the highest and one of the most beautiful sections of the Appalachian Mountain Chain, which stretches from Maine to Georgia. Taking in the border region of Tennessee and North Carolina, the park is formed by a series of magnificent mountain ridges as far as the eye can see to the north, south, east and west. There are over 130 species of trees, making the Great Smoky Mountain National Park one of the premier places on earth to view a spectacular array of colors as the leaves change this time of the year. It is also the habitat for 60 species of mammals, including white tail deer, elk, and black bears.


• Exquisite lodging at Genesis Ranch Bed and Breakfast, just a stone's  throw from the Smoky Mountain National Park.
• Start each day with a hearty breakfast to get ready for the day's activities.

Day hiking to some of the park's most spectacular locations and historical   roots

• Explore the vast array of wild flowers and spectacular colors of the Smoky   Mountains

• Adventure into some of the highest elevations including the Appalachian  Trail to soak in the majestic, expansive views

• Learn about and partake in some of the natural forage foods found within   the greatest deciduous forest in North America

• Finish each day with a delightful dinner; then retire to a luxurious suite for   the evening


Designed For

Men and Women (Minimum Age 21)


May 2 - 6, 2018
November 7 - 11, 2018


$100.00 due at registration
$350.00 due by April 11 or October 17

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