The Four Disciplines

Over years of conducting wilderness backpacking adventures, a natural Biblical presentation of God's word emerged that correctly applied to a wilderness experience. This natural presentation also applies to every challenge or decision encountered in life. Therefore, a curriculum of study has developed that is based on what we call the "Four Disciplines": Commitment, Obedience, Perseverance, and Service.
Since the inception of Voice of Wilderness in 1973, we have used the wilderness setting, as well as the Four Disciplines, to challenge many to commit their life to Jesus Christ. We are truly grateful for the privilege of serving our Lord and Savior over these many years.



Anytime you are confronted with a particular endeavor or challenge, whether a class in school, a sports event, the corporate office or a wilderness backpacking adventure; you must make an initial decision to either accept or reject a commitment to that endeavor and the trails that accompany it. The same applies to the Christian life. You must make an initial decision to either accept or reject the challenge of commitment to the claims of Christ or the Christian life.


After making an initial commitment to the challenge,  there must be obedience to the standards, rules, regulations, and authority related to that undertaking if you are to have a measure of success. In the same manner, after making an initial commitment to Jesus Christ, it is essential to be obedient to God's Word or instructions, found in the Bible, if you are to have success in the Christian life.


Once you have begun involvement in the challenge, you soon start to experience difficulty and hardship. The enthusiasm you started with no longer exists, and you may wish to drop out or quit. It is important to realize this as the most critical stage of the endeavor. You must persevere through the difficulty and hard work if you expect to complete your goals, learn valuable lessons, and reap the rewards of the commitment to this challenge. Likewise, once you have made a commitment to Christ and become involved in the Christian life, you soon begin to experience difficulty and hardship. Your enthusiasm for the Christian life wanes and you may forget the commitment you made. Like any other life challenge, you must PERSEVERE to reap the rewards that God has for you in the Christian life.


When you persevere through the hardships of the challenge, you develop skills and knowledge that give you the ability to train, teach and help others persevere through their hardships. The same holds true for the Christian life. Persevering develops an understanding, insight, and maturity that allows you to SERVE and help others persevere through the sometimes intense difficulties of the Christian life.

Outfitter/Guide Status for the US Forest Service

VOW is an official outfitter/guide status for the U. S. Forest Service and operates under a special use permit in the San Juan National Forest of Southwestern Colorado. Located north of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, surrounded by the San Juan National Forest, base camp is just five minutes from the boundary of the Weminuche Wilderness. We are an equal opportunity employer and service provider.